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North Cyprus, officially known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The paradise island, known for its incomparable natural beauty and full unique historical treasures. North Cyprus offers the most hospitable welcome, with its friendly people, its beautiful natural attractions and rich culture. Cyprus is also well known for its stunning beaches all around the island, but Golden Beach, located to the far north of the island is just breathtaking. Miles of golden sand in an unspoilt, unpolluted and uncrowded coastline is something you must experience when you visit Cyprus.
If you are a history lover, imagine an island that embraces nine thousand years of history. Gothic churches, cathedrals, crusader castles, an antic-harbour and ruined temples with British Colonial architecture. If you are a sight-seeker, hiking up the famous St. Hilarion Castle on top of the high northern mountains and paragliding above the romantic city of Kyrenia with the panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea is indescribable.

Some General Facts About TRNC

Language: In the north, Turkish is the official language. However, English is a widely used language.
Time: Local time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Population Structure: Officially, the population of the TRNC is around 300,000.
Currency Used: Since 1974, Turkish Lira (TL) has been the official currency used in North Cyprus. However, GBP and EUR are very popular and widely excepted. All international currencies are adjusted for the TL according to the daily exchange rate.
Cyprus Health System

North cyprus's Health System

Northern Cyprus has many state-of-the-art private clinics and hospitals with exceptionally talented doctors and nurses. TRNC is also well known for its affordability in this advanced health sector compared to the rest of the world.
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North Cyprus’s Geography

The TRNC (north part of the island) holds an area of 3,355 km2 which makes it the third-largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. The closest neighbour to the island is Turkey, which is 65 km to its north. Syria is 100 km to its east and Egypt is 420 km to the south of the island. Cyprus is in such a strategic location that its trade intersects with Europe, Asia and Africa. Therefore, in addition to Cyprus being one of the highest-ranked countries in terms of medical treatments, due to its perfect location and climate, it also makes Cyprus an ideal place for international investors.
Cyprus from Space

Majors Cities of North Cyprus

Kyrenia, Cyprus


Kyrenia is one of the most beautiful and most popular cities in the whole of Cyprus. It is also a very important city for truism and a great attraction for visitors who are interested in archaeology, nature, great food, sandy beaches and enjoyable night life.
bellapais-monastery-beautiful-viewNorthern Cyprus Harbour Girne City Lights At Night

Officially, North Cyprus

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