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IVF with ICSI 

IVF with ICSI is a very common method for male infertility issues, which affects around 1% of the total male population. In this treatment, the best sperm is selected and then injected directly into the egg to initiate the fertilisation process.

It is an IVF solution that is handled by the accomplished embryologists at Cyprus IVF Clinic, using advanced methods like MESA, TESE or PESA to find viable sperms in case of azoospermia. The second phase of this treatment involves keeping the sperm-injected egg in incubators in a steady temperature and humidity-controlled environment. The fertilised egg (now an embryo) is then transferred into the uterus either on the 3rd or 5th day after the egg collection phase.

Male infertility CAN be successfully treated as we now have modernised techniques and technological advancements that dramatically decrease male infertility. The fertility experts at Cyprus IVF Clinic will investigate your case in great depth and take well-defined steps to create treatment protocols and treat male fertility problems effectively.

With an extensive aftercare programme, Cyprus IVF Clinic are ready to handle your every fertility need. Whatever your circumstances, please contact us today for advice and guidance on making the move towards IVF.
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