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Embryo Donation  - It is a Solution Offered to Couples with Untreatable Infertility

Embryo donation is an excellent method for intended parents whose infertility issues do not allow them to give their own eggs or sperm to produce viable embryos and conceive. It is a solution offered to couples with untreatable infertility due to a genetic disorder or another reason which involves either one or both partners. Embryo transfer uses perfectly healthy embryos that another woman has cryopreserved/frozen (in order to donate) or donated directly (fresh embryo donation) to the couple with the infertility problems to help them achieve pregnancy.

As with our other donor programs, namely sperm donor and egg donor program, our embryo donors are carefully selected after undergoing numerous screenings to ensure they are healthy and free from infectious or other diseases. To boost your chances of having a successful embryo transfer, Cyprus IVF Clinic uses two different types of embryo transfer procedures

(1) Frozen embryo transfer and
(2) Fresh embryo transfer.

The donor embryo procedure has already helped millions of couples facing fertility problems get pregnant and start a happy family.

With an extensive aftercare programme, Cyprus IVF Clinic are ready to handle your every fertility need. Whatever your circumstances, please contact us today for advice and guidance on making the move towards IVF.
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