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Sperm Donation in Cyprus

Sperm donation is a procedure that is best suggested to couples where the male partner has poor semen quality or a low sperm count. With sperm donation, a sperm donor donates their sperm to help fertilise the egg of the female partner and enable her to conceive. The process involves testing semen samples from the male partner using the Micro TESE method to determine sperm quality. According to the results, our fertility specialists design the future course of action, and either use the sperm for IVF or advise you to go for donor sperms.

To help tackle the emotional stress that may come with IVF cycles, the doctors and fertility professionals at Cyprus IVF Clinic have made provisions to get the best sperm donor by matching your male partner with the photo of the donor. We maintain an exhaustive list of sperm donors at Cyprus IVF Clinic, all of whom have undergone stringent selection processes and have been screened for various diseases. Even after being chosen for our program, our donors are checked bi-monthly for infectious diseases, such as CMV IgG, HbsAg, Anti-HCV, Rubella IgG, VDRL, and anti-HIV to ensure they remain healthy. We also make sure that sperm quality meets our high standards by carrying out regular spermiograms.

With an extensive aftercare programme, Cyprus IVF Clinic are ready to handle your every fertility need. Whatever your circumstances, please contact us today for advice and guidance on making the move towards IVF.
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