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Individualised Travel Packages by Cyprus IVF Clinic

Best hotels to choose from with Cyprus IVF Clinic privileges.
Free transfers between the airport, hotel and our hospital.
Free delivery of your medication to your hotel room.
A free mobile phone during your stay.

We Are Here to Walk Right by Your Side, From the First Step of This Wonderful Journey to The Very Last!

It has now been evidenced that being stress-free and relaxed plays a vital role in the normal function of numerous bodily procedures while also affecting our overall mood. So, it comes as no surprise that a couple’s emotional wellbeing is so critical when trying to conceive. Studies have found that women less stressed before an IVF treatment have higher chances of getting pregnant and going through a full-term pregnancy leading to the birth of a healthy baby.

Serving our patients’ best interest is always at the very centre of our mission. For that reason, we always ensure we stay up to date with the latest research and developments in the assisted reproduction treatments sector. In fact, we have done everything humanly possible to help them get the best out of their selected IVF treatment. This is why our treatment packages are utterly satisfying and competitive and combine in-depth knowledge in everything related to IVF treatments with a relaxing environment and a tranquil and gratifying overall experience. Feel free to browse our travel packages and get to know the beautiful island of Cyprus while you are on the most fascinating journey of your life; that of parenthood!

Reducing travel-related stress

No matter how organized one may be, travelling to another country for whatever reason comes with some stress. Even if you are holiday making in Cyprus, the weeks or even months leading to your arrival usually increase your anxiety and worries – everything has to be done the right way so you can enjoy the experience. Things may become a bit more wearing or tiring when you are flying to beautiful Cyprus for your IVF treatment, given the nature of travel. From accommodation and packing to car hire and flights, you definitely have a lot more things to organise and plan for.

Cyprus IVF Clinic has done everything humanly possible to reduce the stress by creating an all-inclusive IVF travel package. This means that our specialised personnel has made sure all details surrounding your Cyprus IVF treatment, travel arrangements included, are well taken care of. This leaves you with all the time to focus on preparing yourself for your treatment, which will, consequently, contribute to fulfilling your dream of starting a family soon.

Top-rated accommodation for every budget

Expect a plethora of high-calibre hotels and accommodation packages that will make everything easier for you. You can pick between 4*, 5*, and Deluxe 5* hotels providing exceptional, world-class accommodation and a broad range of modern comforts. Just let us know of your budget, and our expert patient coordinators will help you make the most out of it.

Soaking up the Cyprus allure in-between appointments

Your Cyprus IVF treatment may be the primary reason for your visit to the charming Mediterranean island, but let’s not forget that you will have plenty of free time between your appointments. After all, Cyprus is, indeed, a delightful spot in the Aegean Sea worth exploring. During your stay, your options are practically limitless for everyone involved. So, whether you are here with your partner or the entire family, you will definitely find activities to suit you all! The little one(s), for example, can swim in cobalt waters and play in white-sand beaches. Adrenaline-seekers could go paragliding. Nature-lovers will probably find visiting the imposing mountain ranges and pampering themselves with heart-stopping views of the sea and the descending sun an utterly rewarding endeavour.

And, that’s just an illustrative list of the things you can do in Cyprus. Fringed with quaint fishing villages that feature cobbled streets and irresistible Old-World charm, the Cyprus coastline is just as satisfying as the mainland. Part of the wildlife that distinguishes the place is the loggerhead turtle that lays its eggs here between the months of May and July. Early in the Fall, the hatching eggs are a spectacle on their own. So, if you happen to be around at this time of the year, this is certainly a must-see!
 Cyprus IVF treatmentView of Kyrenia


How safe are embryo biopsy and PGD?

Research and data from many years of PGD, combined with the hundred thousand successful pregnancies and live births in humans, indeed, indicate that the method is not tied to a rise in birth defects over that of the general population. That aside, PGD-tested embryos are associated with fewer pregnancies that result in a chromosomal disorder-related miscarriage. This is because the overwhelming majority of abnormalities are identified before the embryo transfer process. Now, some couples worry that removing cells from the early embryo may affect the embryo’s ability to develop into a normal pregnancy. There is no reason to worry about that as there is no scientific evidence to support that.

Also, children born after PGD have shown no evidence for an adverse effect on PGD on their neurological development or growth over the first years of their life.

How do you choose the embryos for transfer?

The selected embryos must have normal morphology (appearance) and test results to be considered for embryo transfer in a FET (frozen embryo transfer) cycle. That being said, it is also known that many embryos with normal morphology have significant chromosomal abnormalities. So, embryo morphology is not a determining factor in choosing the best embryos for transfer. The combination of normal physical appearance with normal genetic testing, though, is. This is where PGD comes into play, allowing us to identify the best embryos for transfer to the uterus to ensure the highest chance of conceiving and enjoying a healthy pregnancy. It should also be noted that our medical team will work hand-in-hand with you to make the needed decisions in regard to which embryo to transfer and how to use the remaining ones.

Does PGD replace prenatal testing?

The standard prenatal testing should still be carried through after the embryo transplantation despite the fact that both PGD and PGS screen for genetic abnormalities. You can discuss all about prenatal testing and other tests such as amniocentesis, choronic villus sampling, and cell-free fetal DNA testing with our medical staff.

Organising your arrival

As soon as you land, your driver will meet you at the airport and escort you to your private car to drive you to your hotel. Then, one of our friendly and knowledgeable patient coordinators will communicate with you to ensure that all goes clockwise and according to plan, and provide you with your local mobile phone so you can contact us free of charge for the entire duration of your stay. This allows you to enjoy exploring Cyprus (and your other activities) while also keeping in touch with the Cyprus IVF Clinic if necessary.
To make the overall experience even more stress-free and relaxed, assigned patient coordinators are also responsible for making sure that you have transport available at all times when going to or leaving an appointment with your doctor or the rest of the Cyprus IVF Clinic team.

Taking care of your medications

To help reduce your stress to minimal levels, we also handle the drug delivery aspect of your pre-arrival preparations. Thanks to our strong and long-lasting ties with major suppliers on the island, we can send your medication to the UK, Europe, or even worldwide at North Cyprus prices, without you moving a finger. Needless to say, we will provide you with all the necessary medication during your in-Cyprus treatment after you arrive.

Individualised travel packages from the Cyprus IVF Clinic

The following five packages have been created to suit your particular needs and requirements, depending on your specific IVF treatment plan.


• A return transfer from either Larnaca airport (LCA) or Ercan airport (ECN) to your hotel in a private car.
• A free mobile phone during your stay (pre-paid credit).
• Free delivery of your drugs to your hotel room.
• Transportation between the Cyprus IVF Clinic and your hotel.

IVF Treatment Package

• ICSI fertilisation
• Anaesthesia
• Egg harvest process
• Medical fees
• Ultrasound-guided embryo transfer
• Blastocyst culture
• Ultrasound scans
• Laboratory fees
• Monitoring
• Embryo Glue

Egg Donation Package

• Everything included in the IVF Treatment Package.
• Egg donor medication
• Egg donor fees
• Egg donor monitoring
• Egg donation preparation
• Blood tests
• Scans

Embryo Donation Package

• Everything included in the Egg Donation Package.
• Extended blood tests for the sperm donor.
• Extended semen analysis for the sperm donor.
• Fresh sperm (locally sourced) or free shipping for nitrogen tank delivery.
• Anonymous or non-anonymous sperm from Cryos Denmark.

PGD Gender Selection Package

• Everything included in the IVF Package.
• Genetic specialist charges for the conduction of 5-probe PDG testing
• Cell biopsy.
With an extensive aftercare programme, Cyprus IVF Clinic are ready to handle your every fertility need. Whatever your circumstances, please contact us today for advice and guidance on making the move towards IVF.
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