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Tandem Cycle in Cyprus

Tandem Cycle is an exceptional IVF solution for women with poor ovarian reserve, poor egg quality or elevated FSH levels. It is a method preferred by couples where the female partner cannot produce enough eggs for fertilisation, yet, she still wants to use her own eggs to get pregnant with IVF. Tandem Cycle uses both your eggs and the eggs of a carefully selected donor from our stellar egg donation program, which are then fertilised with your partner’s best sperm. This is a superb method to ensure healthy embryos even if your eggs fail because our embryologists and genetic specialists will choose the best embryo(s) for transfer.

Cyprus IVF Clinic boasts impressively high success fertility rates using the Tandem Cycle method, which is partly why it is one of the most popular IVF solutions for couples that fit the treatment profile of the particular IVF solution. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information regarding Tandem Cycle.

With an extensive aftercare programme, Cyprus IVF Clinic are ready to handle your every fertility need. Whatever your circumstances, please contact us today for advice and guidance on making the move towards IVF.
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